Bright vibrant contemporary art from San Diego California 

Contemporary southwestern art

Painting genre and subjects

Thank you for visiting my  Contemporary Art website. I’m Kim Wyatt, a California artist from San Diego County. My paintings include horses, dogs, cats, flowers, landscapes, seascapes and portraits all inspired by the infinitely varied San Diego scenery. They tend to  be upbeat and fun and are painted in a contemporary art style with southwest art twist. I choose bright clear colors to give you an uplifting and positive experience.

Painting materials

I paint quickly to maintain the mood of each piece and allow feelings to flow into my art work. Usually painted with watercolor, acrylic paints or ink alone and in mixed media. with several artworks in progress at a time.

Why I paint

Lifelong love of art

Like many artists I’ve always loved art and been drawn to painting and creating art, it’s just part of me. Like loving having brown eyes. Some of my earliest memories are of making arts and crafts.  I remember being  a little girl, sitting in a patch of sunlight looking art paintings in books. I think I would do this for hours if allowed.

San Diego

I always lived in Southern California’s San Diego region.  Close to our local beaches, mountains, desert and even Mexico. You can find an abundance of natural beauty here.


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